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The Southern California PPS Manager Newsletter

A blog by Sunny Roller

Tamar Ference, MD, Director, Post Polio Clinic, Department of Rehab Medicine, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.  Polio evaluations held 3rd Thursday of the month.  For an appointment call 305-243-6605 – specify for the PPS Clinic.


As Kat Wollam, PT has moved, her local recommendations are:
Tom Segal, PT, Boca Raton, FL – 561-482-8007, Medicare, no home visit
David Witt, PT, Delray Beach, FL – 561-637-4539,  Medicare, no home visit
Ann Marie Panettieri, MPT, Boca Raton, FL 561-551-5049,  private pay, home visit
Fari Lotfi, PT, Broward/South Palm Beach County, 954-720-8445, Medicare, home visit
Kat Wollam, PT, Gainesville, FL – 954-579-4056.  She is a PPS expert who’ll come to your home, put her bathing suit on and get in the pool with you.

Wayne R. Rosen, CPO, CPED, PA 
is committed to providing each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention.  Wayne is also Board Certified for Orthotist/Prosthetist International Certified.  Please speak directly with Wayne should you require a house call.   Wayne has Florida offices in Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach and now in Boca Raton.   To schedule your appointment, call 954-447-7779.

Aldo Alvarez, CO
Ortho Pro, is a team member of the Post Polio Clinic, Department of Rehab Medicine, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.   Aldo has Florida offices in Kendall & Aventura.  To schedule your appointment, call 305-598-9688.

The following abbreviations may be used on the labels of your prescription medications:

P.R.N. – take as needed
Q.D. – take every day
B.I.D. – take twice a day
T.I.D. – take three times a day
Q.I.D. – take four times a day
A.C. – take before meals
P.C. – take after meals
H.S. – take at bedtime
P.O. – take by mouth



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